SUNglobeTalk 'N TextSmartTM


The time you entered a mobile number our system checks if the number you entered is valid; it also looks up the mobile network the number belongs to. Currently we support the following:

Smart (Buddy), Talk’N Text (Talk and Text), Globe, TM (Touch Mobile), SUN.

After you entered the mobile number you have to select the amount that we should load (credit) to the cell phone number you’ve entered. The load amount is in Philippine Peso and the price is in US Dollar. Of cause we do support other currencies. All you’ve to do is choose the Payout provider "OKPAY" or "PayPal" or "Text2Pay",.. and select a payment method in currency you prefer.

Once we receive your payment the transaction will be executed. After the transaction is done you’ll receive a confirmation email from us containing a reference number which proofs that the so called eLoad (also known as Smartload or Autoload Max) was successfully transferred.


You're having a chat relation with a Filipina (woman) or Filipino (male) and like her to be always in touch with you? Buying load helps you with that.

A lot of Filipinas use smart phones to chat. The average charge for that is 50 Philippine Peso per day. Aside from that the mobile balance could be used to make discounted long distance calls.


You're working abroad in USA, Canada, UAE or any other part of the world and like to buy balance for the cell phones of your loved once. In that case you've come to the very right place.

We offer load to all networks and offer discounted rates for regular customers! Feel free to ask for our promotion rates after you made your first order.


You're on a vacation in another country and you're paying high costs for roaming?

Use our service to recharge and always have enough balance to make calls as much as you want! It could be really frustrating when your wife called you and you don't have enough balance to call her back. Try our service and we promise to satisfy your needs!