What to consider when buying a smartphone in Philippines.

Introduction Cellphones have revolutionized lives all over the world. A few years ago cellphones were a preserve of the elite in society but the paradigm has shifted and now, even the hoi polloi own cellphones all over the world. From simple designs at first, cellphones have evolved to what we now call as smartphones. Smartphones have increasingly become popular with everybody wanting to own a piece. In Philippines the situation is no different. It`s not something unusual to see people streaming into shopping malls and other electronic shops en masse to purchase smartphones. Due to their demand, many companies have entered the market with all manner of smartphones in the hope that they will lure buyers to buy their products. With very many options available consumers are lost between which to buy and which to leave. In this excerpt I`m going to enlighten you on a few factors you need to consider before buying a smartphone.

Operating System Presently there are four main operating systems which include: Android, iPhone OS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 8. Choose the one with an operating system that suits you. Android is more versatile and popular because it has a wide array of hardware manufacturers like: Sony, Samsung, LG, and Lenovo. IOS is used on all iPhone devices and is a powerful operating system that cannot be outdated. However, many mobile apps are found in Android devices so in the event you want to install many applications on your smartphone, you may want to consider an Android operated phone. Storage Capacity Most smartphones vary in their storage capacities. Many of them have 4, 8 or 16 GB internal memories. Some others have a micro-SD port which allows for additional storage to the tune of 64 GB. Depending on the function you intend for your phone ,the storage capacity is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Screen Type This is quite unknown to many but it matters big time. The best way to investigate the type of a screen a phone has, is to hold it at different angles and check for changes in color and clarity. Its sensitivity to touch is also a key pointer to its quality. Camera When it comes to camera type many people often check a the number of pixels but that can be very deceiving. Many manufactures may indicate any number of megapixels but that does not translate to quality photos. It is good to look for phones with good camera optics , Backside Illumination sensor and high resolution other than depending on the megapixels only. Battery Life Anyone would want to have a phone that keeps charge for a long time. The battery rating should give you a glimpse of how long the battery can keep charge. Chose a smartphone with a battery rating of 3000mAh if you are to fully enjoy the benefits that come with having a smartphone. Price is out rightly a factor to consider. The cheapest phone is not always the best and the most expensive does not guarantee better services. As a matter of principle choose the smartphone that will give you better services at the most affordable price. That way you are able to get value for your money. Conclusion With the ever increasing number of smartphones in the market the task to choose the right one can be a tedious one. But if you are clear on what you want, then getting a quality smartphone at a modest amount is very likely.